Job Seekers Survey

This is a short survey for potential jobseekers to indicate their expectations ahead of the Tech Job fair 2023. Tech Job Fair (TJF2023) is an annual event that brings together industry players, educators, students, government and job seekers to explore the Information Technology (IT) job roles. The fair is used to exhibit current ICT-related job openings in various industries, and also help other stakeholders to understand the ICT skills needs of employers. This is part of the broader agenda to ensure an enabling environment is created for young people to access decent jobs so they benefit from the digital transformation agenda of Ghana. The annual event which takes place every February is in its third-year running. The event is one of the flagship programs of the Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana (IIPGH) and supported by Project of AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development, Germany among other partners.

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What are your expectations for Tech Job Fair 2023