DevOps Engineer

Hse No.19, 20th Close South Odorkor, AccraInternship
Company: Npontu Technologies Ltd
Job description
  • Setting up and maintaining continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines: A DevOps engineer is responsible for configuring the tools and processes that enable teams to automatically build, test, and deploy code changes. This may include setting up version control systems, code repositories, and automated build and deployment tools.
  • Implementing infrastructure as code: A DevOps engineer may use tools such as Terraform or CloudFormation to automate the provisioning and configuration of infrastructure resources, such as servers, databases, and load balancers. This helps to ensure that infrastructure is consistently configured, easily reproducible, and easy to update.
  • Monitoring and alerting: A DevOps engineer is responsible for setting up and maintaining monitoring and alerting systems that enable teams to detect and respond to issues in production environments. This may include configuring performance and availability metrics, setting up logging and alerting systems, and participating in incident response efforts.
  • Collaborating with development and operations teams: A DevOps engineer works closely with development teams to understand their needs and ensure that the tools and processes in place support their workflow. They also work with operations teams to ensure that the infrastructure and processes in place enable efficient and reliable software delivery.
  • Automating processes: A DevOps engineer is responsible for identifying opportunities to automate manual processes and implement automation to improve efficiency and reduce errors. This may include automating tasks such as provisioning and configuring infrastructure, deploying code changes, and running tests.

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