Cloud Service Engineer

Hse No.19, 20th Close South Odorkor, AccraInternship
Company: Npontu Technologies Ltd
Job description
  • S/he Identifies and troubleshoots system and network problems;
  • Ensures diagnosis and resolution of all application-related problems whilst escalating necessary issues to the appropriate department.
  • Takes ownership of user problems and follows up on the status of issues escalated with the department involved whilst communicating progress and adhering to the time SLA.
  • Prioritizes and manages open cases in consultation with relevant stakeholders (exhibit high multitasking abilities).
  • Provides support documentation to assist staff with requests for information.
  • Ensures Integration of new clients into the SMSC and supports the rollout of new applications.
  • Ensures the optimal functioning of all systems (databases, networks, applications, and web services).
  • Simulates drills to make sure servers are working and presents reports on them every month.
  • Handles all change requests using agreed timelines.
  • Must go through a logical process to ensure resolution to avoid future occurrences of the same issues.
  • Must analyze all tickets opened to establish trends for permanent resolution on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Must play a revenue assurance role in ensuring that the company does not lose income due to system or application failures.

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